Consulting Background:

Arken Designs was created in 1980 out of a desire to be more involved in interesting projects and industries.

Past & Present projects include, but not limited to:


PLS-Pacific Laser Systems

Design of entire product line of gravity based Plumb, Level, Square laser devices. These laser levels have consistently been reviewed as the best and most accurate in it's price range or higher.

Apple Computer

Design tooling for manufacturing new Notebook products.


Design of new products for Secure Portable Storage.


Designed mechanics for a Common Building Block approach for Servo Writers which have been used on all 3.5" HDD products since 1995.  Designed head merge tooling for production use as well as various other production line test equipment.

Pixel Cam 

Development of mechanics for ultra high volume production of lens/chip assemblies.

Nokia (Network Alchemy)

Designed Rack Mounted sheet metal enclosures for Internet Encryption Hardware.

Embolic Protection 

Designed tooling for accurately trimming micro tubing for use in their Angioplasty FilterWire.

Caliper Technology 

Design of in-process handling equipment for Caliper's LabChip products.

Dwinell International 

Cost reduction as well as mechanism and paper path enhancements for Discount Coupon printer for POS cash registers (used by Safeway and Lucky's) to ensure coupons where actually printed and passed on to the customer.

Quantum Corp. 

Designed various test fixtures for new technology components with Quantum Corp's "Advanced Product Engineering" .

Rapak Corp. 

Development of Soft drink dispenser Syrup valves for bulk soft drink syrups for Pepsi-Cola.

Aura Associates 

Design of a 1.8" Disk Drive along with a dedicated Servo Track Writer. 

Antek Peripherals  

Various design tasks.

Swan Instruments  

Development of floppy disk case for a new application.


Development of an optical head tester (mechanics only) for Seagate's Optical recording unit in Minnesota in conjunction with TeraByte in San Jose.